Horseshoe Spread (p2.)

Back to being an Empath. Maybe it is a combination of me being blessed with this trait, and the fact that I am a Scorpio. As any other Scorpio or astrologist knows, Scorpios are DEEPLY in touch with our emotions, with the paranormal, with the “dark” side of life that most seem to not want to touch base on or aren’t interested in taking the time to appreciate the beauty of. (Oh, also little known fact. I am an avid Astrologer. I would love to make an entire Scorpio // Astrology post now, but that will take forever and a day and I want to do nothing more than craft it together, perfectly).

With the guidance of having both of these gifts, over the last 3 years I have taken up learning the Art of Tarot Reading. This can be a bit of a sensitive subject, because not everyone has or is willing to take time to understand what the mental, emotional and physical process it takes to do a reading. And a good, whole hearted one at best.


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