Horseshoe Spread (p2.)

Back to being an Empath. Maybe it is a combination of me being blessed with this trait, and the fact that I am a Scorpio. As any other Scorpio or astrologist knows, Scorpios are DEEPLY in touch with our emotions, with the paranormal, with the “dark” side of life that most seem to not want to touch base on or aren’t interested in taking the time to appreciate the beauty of. (Oh, also little known fact. I am an avid Astrologer. I would love to make an entire Scorpio // Astrology post now, but that will take forever and a day and I want to do nothing more than craft it together, perfectly).

With the guidance of having both of these gifts, over the last 3 years I have taken up learning the Art of Tarot Reading. This can be a bit of a sensitive subject, because not everyone has or is willing to take time to understand what the mental, emotional and physical process it takes to do a reading. And a good, whole hearted one at best.


Horseshoe Spread

Okay okay, before you automatically think this is some weird BDSM post let me fill you in on a little known fact about myself. I am an Empath. For those of you that may not really understand what that means, i’ve entrusted my handy dandy search toolbar to do the job.



(chiefly in science fiction) a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.


My entire life, (not just in my teen years or in my current early twenties, but literally since I was a child) I have always been hyper sensitive to energy, to anything and everything around me. Without even realizing i’ve come in physical contact of a person, something inexplainable happens. I unknowingly embody energy, and it feels as if a warm light surges throughout my body. Starting from my stomach and slowly moving to every area.

It can be a helpful tool, especially when I am trying to do my best at understanding a rough situation (or any situation at that) with my friends or someone I deeply care about. At the same time, it can be exhausting. Especially when it comes to negative energy… I can feel the presence of something foul or rotten as soon as that person walks through the front door. I feel it in the pit of my stomach, to the point where I physically feel ill and start to lose my breath…

Thankfully, a co-worker of mine (she is also an Empath) recently taught me a few tricks to help Protect my Light, Protect my Energy. Working in customer service definitely gives me many oupportunities to practice these tools. I have come to find them effective, but sometimes I cannot help but absorb and sometimes manifest the sadness or annoyance or anger of a person who’s energy is too strong, or if I am caught off guard.

TO MAKE A LONGER STORY LONGER, let me brake these posts into two parts so you aren’t sitting there, scratching your head as to when the hell I am going to talk about this damn horse shoe spread 🙂